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Table 1 Taskwork description

From: Can a community health worker and a trained traditional birth attendant work as a team to deliver child health interventions in rural Zambia?

Task Description
Meeting with NHCs This task requires the team to meet with NHC to discuss CHW/TBA team work and performance including challenges and the support needed.
Conducting behavior change communication (BCC) Sessions in the community to educate community members in relevant health topics including exclusive breastfeeding, disease prevention, danger signs in pregnancy and childhood illnesses, importance of antenatal and postnatal care, hygiene and sanitation.
Problem solving for newborn and child care Home visits including follow-up visits to help and support caregivers in their care of children such as individual counselling, addressing challenges and seeking care
Outreach services Publicizing dates of outreach, mobilizing caregivers to attend and performing specific activities during sessions.
Support Referral Convincing caregivers and households on the need to accept a referral and help with mobilizing transport
Intra-team referral CHW referring pregnant or postnatal women seen at clinic or during a home visit to the trained TBA for follow-up. Trained TBA referring sick child seen on home visit or at postnatal care to CHW for treatment and advice.
Postnatal care visit at 6-8 weeks Joint home visits to children aged 6-8 weeks in order for the trained TBA to ‘hand over’ care of child to the CHW.