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Table 1 Description of variables in the logistic model of PSM

From: Application of propensity scores to explore the effect of public reporting of medicine use information on rational drug use in China: a quasi-experimental design

Variable name Description
Dependent variable  
 Group intervention group (1); control group (0)
Independent variable  
 Gender male (1); female (0)
 Age (year) continuous
 Experience (year) continuous
 Education level high school or less (1); some college or associates (2); bachelors or higher (3)
 Title not certified (1); certified doctor (2); house physician (3); doctor in charge of a case (4); assistant director physician and above (5)
 Monthly income (yuan) <1500 (1); 1501-2000 (2); 2001-2500 (3); 2501-3000 (4); >3001 (5)