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Table 5 Criteria for Uncontrolled Heart Failure

From: Comparison of a one-time educational intervention to a teach-to-goal educational intervention for self-management of heart failure: design of a randomized controlled trial

Criteria for Uncontrolled Heart Failure
1. Shortness of breath or edema
2. Any of the following objective indicators of cardiac dysfunction or elevated pressures
   a. Newly diagnosed reduced LVEF OR
   b. Elevated jugular venous pulse OR
   c. Elevated BNP OR
   d. CXR showing congestion or pulmonary edema
3. Received intravenous or increased oral diuretic therapy
4. Discharge diagnosis of Heart Failure (primary or secondary)
➢ Uncontrolled HF is Definitely present on admission if:
   ◦ All 4 criteria are present
➢ Uncontrolled HF is Probably present on admission if:
   ◦ Criteria 1 & 2 are present and 3 or 4