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Table 4 Behavior and Knowledge Requirements to Reach Goal

From: Comparison of a one-time educational intervention to a teach-to-goal educational intervention for self-management of heart failure: design of a randomized controlled trial

Daily Self Assessment & Having a Plan Call sequence Call on day
BEHAVIOR – Verify the patient: Focus on during 1st & 2nd call, Day 3 par & Day 7
   • weighs self daily and at the correct time   
   • records weight on the Daily Water Pill Plan (Figure 4) Review on all calls  
   • assess symptoms of heart failure (SOB, edema, dizziness)   
   • takes the correct dose of diuretic according to their weight   
   • phones doctor when appropriate   
Medication Adherence   
KNOWLEDGE – Verify the patient knows: 3rd call Day 10 (and Day 14 if need it)
   • his/her fluid pill   
   • What to do if they have side effects from their medications   
   • That they still need to take their medications even if they feel good   
   • what to do if they are unable to pay for their medications   
   • how many refills they have left   
   • how to get refills   
   • what to do if they are out of pills   
   • the importance of having a successful system for taking their medication   
   • to take all their medications to their doctors appointments and reviews them with the doctor   
Salt Avoidance   
KNOWLEDGE – Verify the patient knows: 4th call Day 17 (and Day 21 if need it)
   • what sodium is   
   • why salt is bad for someone with heart failure   
   • ways to eat less salt   
   • how to tell whether something has too much salt   
   • which foods are good choices based on reading nutrition labels and knowing how much sodium per serving a food has   
   • which foods out of a list of 20–30 common foods are good choices   
   • if foods that say "lower sodium" or "reduced sodium" are OK   
   • what foods could be substitutes for high sodium foods   
KNOWLEDGE – Verify the patient knows: 5th call Day 24 (and Day 28 if need it)
   • that it is safe for someone with heart failure to exercise   
   • how exercise helps people with heart failure   
   • when it is not safe to exercise