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Table 2 In person training session outline

From: Comparison of a one-time educational intervention to a teach-to-goal educational intervention for self-management of heart failure: design of a randomized controlled trial

In Person Training Session
BEI Session
   • Overview of Heart Failure
   • Medication Adherence
◦ Taking pills at right times/not skipping doses
◦ Instruction on refilling prescriptions
◦ Discussing systems for taking pills – pill chart
◦ Stress bringing pill bottles to every doctor's visit
◦ Instruction on identifying the water pill
   • Salt Avoidance
◦ How salt effects the body
◦ Most foods contain salt
◦ Tips to decrease salt
◦ Common food high and low in salt
◦ How to read food labels
◦ Eating food with 140 mg/serving or less
   • Exercise(instruct only if approved by patient's MD)
◦ Benefits of exercise
◦ Is patient exercising now?
◦ Start slowly, work up to more
◦ Signs for when to stop exercising
   • Daily Self Assessment
◦ Assessing shortness of breath when walking
◦ Assess shortness of breath when sleeping
◦ Assessing dizziness/faintness
◦ Assessing swelling of the legs
◦ Weighting self daily
◦ Know target weight
   • BEI Conclusion – Having a Plan
◦ Review the 4 sections
◦ Review when to call the doctor
◦ Write doctor's phone number in workbook
◦ Review scale and how to use it
◦ Call your doctor with any questions
TTG Session
   • Diuretic Self Adjustment & Having a Plan
◦ Set target weight and record on Water Pill Guide
◦ Set diuretic adjustment schedule and record on Water Pill Guide
◦ Identifying water pill with sticker on bottle
◦ Explain how to record daily weights and doses
◦ Mailing weight and dose logs back to educator
◦ Practice diuretic adjustment with examples of different weight values
◦ When to call the doctor
   • TTG Follow-up
◦ Set up Follow-up phone calls
◦ Review recordkeeping and sending in logs to educator