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Table 1 Financial incentives offered by the SDIP and the eligibility criteria

From: The experiences of districts in implementing a national incentive programme to promote safe delivery in Nepal

Financial incentive Eligibility criteria
1. Conditional cash transfer to women
▪ 500 NRS ($7.8) in plains districts
▪ 1,000 NRS ($15.6) in hill districts
▪ 1,500 NRS ($23.4) in mountain districts
Woman delivered in a public health facility and had no more than two living children or an obstetric complication (as diagnosed by the health provider)
2. Provider incentive
▪ 300 NRS ($4.7) for each delivery attended
Doctor, nurse, midwife, health assistant, auxiliary health worker or maternal and child health worker attended a delivery at the woman's home or in a public health facility
3. Free delivery care to women and facility reimbursed
▪ 1,000 NRS ($15.6) reimbursed to health facility
Woman comes from one of the 25 least developed districts and meets the eligibility criteria required for the conditional cash transfer