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Table 1 Purposeful selection of classes to be included in the analysis

From: Creating 'good' self-managers?: Facilitating and governing an online self care skills training course

Class ID Class characteristic Class characteristic Class characteristic Class characteristic
43 Highest (n) participants Lowest (n) retired   
44 Highest (n) participants Low self-reported health   
59 Lowest mean age Lowest (n) housework1   
74 Highest (n) retired Highest (n) disabled Highest (n) lung conditions  
64 Highest (n) Diabetes Highest (n) hypertension Highest (n) mental health conditions Highest (n) heart conditions
66 Lowest (n) participants Highest (n) COPD Highest (n) cancer  
67 Highest self-reported health Lowest (n) arthritis   
72 Highest (n) Diabetes Lowest (n) asthma   
73 Lowest (n) males Lowest (n) mental health conditions   
62 Highest with degree or professional qualification Highest (n) males Highest (n) full-time employed Lowest (n) Disabled
68 Lowest (n) white ethnicity    
  1. (n) = number of
  2. 1 Actively working in home environment (e.g. housework, caring for family)