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Table 1 Overview of the selected instruments

From: Stepped care for depression and anxiety: from primary care to specialized mental health care: a randomised controlled trial testing the effectiveness of a stepped care program among primary care patients with mood or anxiety disorders

    Time of measurement
Aim Measurement Screening Baseline
T1 T2 T3
Demographic variables Sex X X X X X
  Date of birth X X X X X
  Native country X     
  Education   X    
  Income   X    
  Marital status   X    
  Motivation   X (T)    
Symptoms of depression and anxiety Extended K10 X X (T)    
Primary Outcome       
Symptoms of depression IDS   X X X X
Symptoms of anxiety HADS-A   X X X X
Secondary Outcome       
Diagnosis CIDI   X (T)    X (T)
(Dys) Functioning WSAS   X (T) X X X
Quality of life SF 20   X X X X
Symptomatology 4DKL   X    X
Alcohol Use AUDIT   X    
Perceived health EuroQol   X X X X
Neuroticism NEO-FFI   X    
Costs of care TIC-P   X X X X
Quality of care Quote      X
Mastery Pearlin Mastery Scale   X    
Suicidal risk MINI suicide   X (T)