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Table 1 Definitions of 'certification', 'specialisation' and 'extended role practitioner' used in this survey

From: Canadian physiotherapists' views on certification, specialisation, extended role practice, and entry-level training in rheumatology

Certification is defined as:
Program and process where a learner completes prescribed training and passes an assessment with a minimum acceptable score
Physiotherapy specialisation is defined as:
"....the application of advanced clinical competence by a physiotherapist qualified in a defined area of practice within the field of activity recognised as physiotherapy." [30]
Extended scope practitioner is defined as:
....therapists who are working beyond the recognized scope of practice of the profession of interest in innovative or non-traditional roles
This includes:
"....requesting investigations e.g., blood tests, scans, nerve conduction studies; using the results of investigations to assist clinical diagnosis and appropriate management of patients; listing for surgery and referring to other medical and paramedical professionals." [11]