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Table 1 The interRAI suite of assessment instruments

From: Sharing clinical information across care settings: the birth of an integrated assessment system

Instrument Item count Target population
Long term care facility (interRAI LTCF) 257 Residents of nursing homes or chronic hospitals
Assisted living (interRAI AL) 262 Assisted living facilities where residents have light care needs
Acute care (interRAI AC) 96 Frail older patients in acute care hospitals
Post-acute care (interRAI PAC) 214 Rehabilitation and other post-acute inpatients
Home care (interRAI HC) 253 Community based care
Community health assessment (interRAI CHA) 135 Community settings with anticipated light care needs
Palliative care (interRAI PC) 194 Palliative care in community and institutional settings
Mental health (interRAI MH) 304 Mental health inpatients
Community mental health (interRAI CMH) 320 Community mental health services
Intellectual disability (interRAI ID). 287 Persons with intellectual disability in community and facility settings