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Table 5 Quotes relating to barriers and challenges

From: Relapse prevention in UK Stop Smoking Services: a qualitative study of health professionals' views and beliefs

"We used to have a relapse prevention session, wherein we invite everyone that came to our service to attend these clinics, but we don't do that anymore because of financial pressures". 3
"I think most PCTs would be prepared to pay for a course of treatment, but not an extended course of treatment, that's why they cut down to stop methods unlikely to be funded locally". 4
Government targets
"If you've got very busy clinics and you have Department of Health Targets to meet, you know, there's always a bit of a squeeze, in terms of how much time you've got for people to see you beyond their successful four week quit". 7
"I think you know, the fact that we are so target driven, and the fact that reporting successes is at a month rather than if it was three months or something like that, you know the whole drive would be to see patients longer......although I think targets are probably a good thing overall, because it does focus you on hitting the three pots and all the rest of it, but I think it can be a bit counter- productive". 14
Paucity of Information about effectiveness of RPIs
"I don't think we've got anything in black and white, to be honest". 1