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Table 1 Process of data analysis

From: Relapse prevention in UK Stop Smoking Services: a qualitative study of health professionals' views and beliefs

SA reads all transcripts in an iterative process to identify themes and sub-themes (variations in advisor experiences of providing relapse prevention treatments and variations in thinking within themes)
SA designs a framework (index) with themes and sub-themes and their working definitions
TC and AMc agree working definitions for the emerging themes and sub-themes
SA codes the transcripts for the themes. Data relating to each theme is assembled. TC and AMc independently read 10 randomly selected transcripts to see if they are being coded consistently
Working definitions for themes and sub-themes are refined. The framework (index) is re-structured to reflect the changes
SA re-codes the transcripts using the refined definitions.
TC and AMc check reliability of the data and interpretation of the findings at each stage of the process