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Table 1 Categorisation of the analysed components – examples of patients' statements

From: Patient satisfaction with healthcare provided by family doctors: primary dimensions and an attempt at typology

Category Examples of patients' statements
Assessment of personality features "A very nice doctor" (+ve)
  "He is arrogant" (-ve)
Assessment of competences "She is a good doctor, her diagnoses are correct" (+ve)
  "She often prescribes drugs which are ineffective" (-ve)
Assessment of doctor-patient interactions "Doctor talks to me and explains much to me" (+ve)
  "She did not ask me exactly what hurts" (-ve)
Contextual factors "Fantastic equipment" (+ve)
  "I come in, nobody's there, and yet I had to wait 15 minutes" (-ve)
General assessment "Everything is always all right" (+ve)
  "It was awful" (-ve)