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Table 2 Codes of the ICD9MC used for selecting cases.

From: Is there much variation in variation? Revisiting statistics of small area variation in health services research

Procedure ICD9CM codes Observations
Appendectomy 47.0x; 47.1x All appendectomies, including laparoscopic and incidentals.
Inguinal hernia repair 53.0x; 53.1x; 53.2x; 53.3x Uni or bilateral repair, with or without mesh, of femoral or inguinal hernias.
Lower extremity amputation 84.10 to 84.17 Lower extremity amputation at any level.
Hip fracture 820.xx Only emergency admissions.
Knee replacement 81.54; 81.55 Total or partial knee replacement
Pacemaker implant 37.80; 37.81; 37.82; 37.83 Pacemaker implant, permanent or not, in programmed or emergency admissions.
  1. ICD9CM: International Classification of Diseases 9 revision Clinical Modification; The "x" indicates all the range of digits after the corresponding code.