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Table 5 Survey data- The effect of Best Start MCH projects and partnership scores on MCH indicators at wave 1 and wave 2, compared to Best Start sites without MCH projects

From: The effects of an area-based intervention on the uptake of maternal and child health assessments in Australia: A community trial

  AOR (95%CI) AOR (95%CI)
  Seen information about 3.5 year Ages and Stages visit Confident in being a good parent
  n = 2679 n = 3224
Wave 0.65 (0.54–0.78) 0.78 (0.56–1.09)
MCH projects 1.13 (0.8–1.59) 1.0 (0.79–1.29)
MCH*Wave 1.76 (1.2–2.57)* 1.9 (1.16–3.24)*
  1. AOR- Odds ratio for strongly agree/agree compared to reference neither/disagree strongly disagree adjusted for having a health care card, indigenous status, education, country of birth and proficiency reading English.
  2. *p < 0.05