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Table 2 Overview of the mean parameters investigated in the study

From: The variability and predictors of quality of AIDS care services in Brazil

▪ doctors experienced in providing HIV care ▪ pre-booked appointments ▪ manager's professional profile
▪ staffing ratios for nurses, social workers, psychologists, dentists, pharmacists ▪ follow-up appointment booking ▪ manager's responsibilities
▪ auxiliary personnel ▪ length of booking interval ▪ patient registration and record-keeping
▪ availability of medical specialties for referral ▪ length of consultation ▪ data security and patient confidentiality
▪ medication supplies (ARV and others) ▪ caseload ▪ confidential reminder system for non-attendants
▪ radiology services and laboratory tests ▪ non pre-booked appointments ▪ regular team meetings
▪ occupational bio-safety ▪ referrals among professionals ▪ planning and monitoring processes
▪ public transportation to access service ▪ waiting time in the waiting room ▪ staff training
▪ hours of operation and working days ▪ counseling at the time of HIV test ▪ community linkages
▪ physical accessibility ▪ counseling on safer sex and family planning  
  ▪ use of guidelines and written protocols  
  ▪ activities to support treatment adherence