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Table 1 Procedures and type of emergency obstetric care in 25 health facilities, Korogocho, Viwandani and environs in Nairobi

From: The state of emergency obstetric care services in Nairobi informal settlements and environs: Results from a maternity health facility survey

Procedure/obstetric care category Number Percent
   Parenteral antibiotics 24 96.0
   Parenteral oxytocics 24 96.0
   Parenteral anticonvulsants 21 84.0
   Manual removal of retained placenta 18 72.0
   Removal of retained products 17 68.0
   Assisted vaginal delivery 2 8.0
   Blood transfusion 11 44.0
   Caesarean section 5 20.0
Type of EmOC   
   Basic EmOCa 0 0.0
   Comprehensive EmOCb 2 8.0
   Basic EmOC "minus 1"c 10 40.0
   Comprehensive EmOC "minus 1"d 2 16.0
   Not applicable e 11 44.0
  1. a A basic Emergency obstetric care (EmOC) facility the following six procedures:
  2. parenteral antibiotics; parenteral oxytocics; parenteral anticonvulsants for
  3. pre-eclampsia/eclampsia; manual removal of placenta; removal of retained products;
  4. and assisted vaginal delivery.
  5. b A comprehensive EmOC facility provides all 6 basic EmOC procedures plus Caesarean
  6. delivery and blood transfusion
  7. c Basic EmOC without assisted vaginal delivery
  8. d Comprehensive EmOC without assisted vaginal delivery
  9. e Does not meet the criteria for Basic EmOC "minus 1"