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Table 1 Datasets of DNSGP-2, used in this study

From: Do list size and remuneration affect GPs' decisions about how they provide consultations?

Dataset Variables used Identifiers N
Videotaped consultations Consultation length Unique patient code 1,967 consultations
   Unique GP code  
Postal GP questionnaire Waiting time to get an appointment Unique GP code 184 GPs
Recording of type of contact in Electronic Medical Files (six weeks) Home visit (yes or no) Unique patient code 67,709 consultations
   Unique GP code  
Practice administration Insurance status Unique patient code 399,068 patients
  Sex of patients   
  Age of patients   
  List size   
  Zip code (for selection of deprived areas)   
Patient questionnaire Self-rated health Unique patient code 294,999 patients
Database of all participating GPs in DNSGP Age of GP Unique GP code 195 (GPs who participated in DNSGP)
  Sex of GP Unique practice code  
  Practice type