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Table 1 Search terms for literature retrieval

From: Systematic review on quality control for drug management programs: Is quality reported in the literature?

Search Terms  
Primary MeSH Headings
Insurance, Pharmaceutical services Drugs, non-prescription
Managed Care Programs Drugs, Generics
Pharmaceutical Preparations Prescriptions, Drug
Additional MeSH Headings
Formularies Total Quality Management
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Outcome Assessment (Health Care)
Drug Utilization Review Cost Control
Deductibles and Coinsurance Cost Sharing
Reimbursement, Incentive Community Pharmacy Services
Additional MeSH Sub Headings
Classification Standards
Economics Statistics and numerical data
Methods Trends
Additional Free Text Search Terms
Drug Management Programs Step-edit
Drug Benefit/Pharmacy Benefit Therapeutic Substitution
Formularies Medication Therapy Management
Formulary Process Drug Therapy Management
*tier Copay (e.g. three-tier copay, four-tier copay) Pharmacy Cognitive Services
Formulary Restrictions Quality
Generic Drug Program/Mandatory Generic Prescribing Program Outcomes
Prior Authorization (Prescription Drug) Costs/Resources
Quantity Level Limits Patient Reported Outcomes