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Table 1 Data sources for process analysis

From: Community based yoga classes for type 2 diabetes: an exploratory randomised controlled trial

Source of data

Type and quantity of data

Insights from these data

Yoga participants

Attendance records for all classes

4 focus groups (2 before class began, 2 after last class)

10 semi-structured interviews

Text messages from 7 participants

Whether people attended and if not, why not

Hopes and fears for yoga

Evaluation of their own performance and perceptions of barriers to yoga exercise

Confidence and motivation to continue

Yoga teachers

2 semi-structured interviews (one with each teacher)

Type of individual who might benefit

Type of exercise that might be beneficial

Suggestions for intensity and duration of exercise sessions

Ethnographic observation

Field notes from researchers' attendance as participant observers at yoga class

Participants' engagement with the class

Practical constraints e.g. noise, room size

Documentary sources

Letters, emails, and file notes relating to setting up and running the project (e.g. relating to gaining access to practices, recruitment, linking with clinical care)

Operational challenges and how they might be reduced or avoided next time