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Table 1 Data source and health care organization characteristics related to GP revenue.

From: Income development of General Practitioners in eight European countries from 1975 to 2005

  Data sources Health care organization characteristics
Country Revenue/income Practice costs Remuneration system Gate-keeping
Belgium Interest group Interest group Fee-for-service No
Denmark Interest group and government agency Interest group and government agency Fee-for-service Yes
Finland WHO (2000) and independent organization - Mainly salary, some additional fee-for-service and capitation fee Yes
France Government agency Tax office Fee-for-service No
Germany Independent organization Independent organization Fee-for-service No
Netherlands Interest group National statistics office (based on tax data) Capitation and fee-for-service1) Yes
Sweden Interest group - Salary No
U.K. Independent organization (1995, 2000), government agency (2005) Independent organization (1995, 2000), government agency (2005) Capitation, since 2004 additional quality related payments Yes
  1. 1) The remuneration of GPs in The Netherlands is a combination of a capitation fee for the publicly insured patients (about 2/3 of the annual revenues) and a fee-for-service for the privately insured patients (about 1/3 of the total revenues). Since the share of fee-for-service is substantial, the Netherlands is characterized in the analyses as a fee-for-service country