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Table 2 Summary of Interview Instruments

From: Rapid spread of complex change: a case study in inpatient palliative care

Main Inquiry Domains Questions Examples of probe topics
Respondent's role What has been your role in spreading IPC? Involvement in earlier palliative care research
Role in the organization; e.g., leadership level
Choice of IPC model Why do you think this intervention was chosen for organization-wide spread?
When choosing a model to spread, was the selection of palliative care one of your top three priorities?
Perceived problem that needed a solution
Value of the model
Priority for choosing a palliative care model
Motivation for choosing model from randomized controlled trial
Sponsorship and
organizational support
Can you explain your understanding of how the IPC model was sponsored and how sponsorship may have changed over time?
How did the organization-wide support work for you and your teams?
Relationships formed
Seed money
How was the model received?
How important was the evidence base?
How important was exact replication?
How important has local sponsorship been to successful IPC implementation?
How important has national sponsorship been to successful IPC implementation?
Organization-wide initiative What are the advantages and disadvantages of spreading an initiative like IPC across the organization? Value of being part of an organization-wide spread effort
Local response
Implementation and dissemination How has implementation and dissemination of the IPC model gone in your area [over time]?
How has implementation and dissemination of the IPC model gone in the different areas [over time]?
What worked?
What didn't?
What could be improved?
Readiness to change
Previous palliative care experience/programs
Key implementation roles
Change management strategies
Facilitators and barriers to spread
Local benefits of IPC model
Resources needed
Ongoing program assessment activities
Usefulness of organization-wide strategies (trainings, communication tools, webinar, outcome measures, Operations Manual)
How successful do you think the spread of IPC has been so far?
How did your experience of spread of IPC compare with other spread experiences?
Lessons learned What lessons have you learned about being part of spread of an organization-wide model? Lessons learned to help support other organization-wide spread initiatives
Recommendations based on your experience