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Table 3 Perceived Utility of the Teleconsultations

From: Teleconsultation service to improve healthcare in rural areas: acceptance, organizational impact and appropriateness

  Perceived Utility
Specialty Usefulness Reasons for Usefulness Reasons for Uselessness
Cardiology 95% reduction of waiting lists, ease use, timeliness of TC, management of emergencies and unnecessary actions, specialists' skills and expertise problems for acute events that require immediate hospitalisation
Dermatology 64% transportation, waiting lists, avoid unnecessary visits, functional and accurate consultations even though more complex than cardiac TC too much time for technical-operative problems, difficult clinical evaluation, face-to-face visits often preferred
Diabetology 71% handiness and timeliness of care especially for infrequent emergencies and complicated situations, optimisation of therapy low tendency of requesting diabetic consultations, face-to-face visits often preferred
  1. TC indicates Teleconsultations