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Table 2 Timing of data collection.

From: Hearing aid effectiveness after aural rehabilitation - individual versus group (HEARING) trial: RCT design and baseline characteristics

Variable Source of Data Baseline Fit & Follow-up 6-month Follow-up
Baseline variables and co-variate
Co-morbidity SIC x   
General health status SF-12 x   x
Psychiatric conditions PHQ x x x
Demographics CPRS x   
Type, degree of hearing loss CPRS x   
Treatment (rehabilitation) data
Session characteristics Research Assistant   x  
Mediating Mechanisms Questionnaire   x  
Hearing aid features CPRS    x
Costs & Utilization
Utilization: unplanned visits CPRS    x
Costs of planned visits CPRS, DSS    x
Costs of unplanned visits CPRS, DSS    x
Outcomes Assessment
Hearing-related function EAR x x x
Adherence to hearing aids Two questions   x x
Hearing handicap HHIE x x x
Satisfaction with hearing aids SADL   x x
Communication Strategies CPHI x x x
Hearing aid outcome IOI-HA   x x
Hearing-related QoL transitional measure Questionnaire   x x
  1. CPHI = Communication Profile for the Hearing Impaired, CPRS = Computerized Patient Record System, DSS = Decision Support System, EAR = Effectiveness of Aural Rehabilitation, HHIE = Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly, IOI-HA = International Outcome Inventory - Hearing Aid, PHQ = Patient Health Questionnaire, QoL - quality of life, SADL = Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life, SF-12 = SF-12 Health Survey, SIC = Seattle Index of Co-morbidity