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Table 1 Item costs used for estimating the costs of a support programme for mild Alzheimer's disease.

From: Private costs almost equal health care costs when intervening in mild Alzheimer's: a cohort study alongside the DAISY trial

Resource Cost Source
Time costs of formal care   
   Counsellor (specially trained nurse) 25.93 Local Government Denmark [KL]
   Load-factor for counsellor's time [weight]1 1.56 Local Government Denmark [KL]/estimate
   Course teacher, nurse [per course] 131.69 Market prices (tariff of trial management)
   Course teacher, academic [per course] 219.48 Market prices (tariff of trial management)
   Volunteers assisting course personnel 17.73 National average net salary for 50-year olds
Capital costs 20% Local Government Denmark [KL]
Time costs of informal time (examples)2   
   Male, 50-54 years, gross 32.50 Statistics Denmark
   Male, 50-54 years, net 19.76 Statistics Denmark
   Female, 50-54, gross 23.40 Statistics Denmark
   Female, 50-54, net 15.70 Statistics Denmark
Transportation cost professionals [EUR/km] 0.25 Danish Government
Transportation cost participant [EUR/km] 0.47 Danish Government
  1. 1A load factor was applied to account for non-productive time of a counsellor due to pauses, walking distance between locations, private time, vacation and other absence from work etc. 2A complete set of age- and gender-specific national average salaries was used (complete data are publicly available from StatBank Denmark at
  2. All costs are in 2008 EUR per hour unless otherwise stated.