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Table 1 Effect evaluation: outcome variables and instruments used to measure them

From: Nurse-led motivational interviewing to change the lifestyle of patients with type 2 diabetes (MILD-project): protocol for a cluster, randomized, controlled trial on implementing lifestyle recommendations

Outcome variables Dutch guideline norms Instruments
Care process   
Effects of MI - Record keeping
Results of diabetes check-ups - Medical files
Metabolic parameters   
HbA1c < 7% Medical files
Blood pressure < 140 mm Hg Medical files
   LDL < 2.5 mmol/L Medical files
   Total cholesterol < 4.5 mmol/L Medical files
   Fruit and Vegetables 2 pieces fruit (200 g or more) and 200 g vegetables or more Validated questionnaire, 8 items [39]
   Fat consumption Total fat < 35 energy percent
Saturated fat < 10 energy percent
Validated questionnaire, 35 items [38]
Physical activity 30 min for 5 days/week Questionnaire, modified Dutch version of the CHAMPS, unvalidated, 15 items [40, 41]
   Personal activity meter with diary for 7 days
Smoking No smoking Validated questionnaire, 2 items [37]
Alcohol consumption Man: maximum 2 glasses Validated questionnaire, 2 items [42]
  Woman: maximum 1 glass  
Quality of life - Validated questionnaires, EQ-5D 5 items and VAS 1 item [43, 44]
Patients' willingness to change behavior - Questionnaire