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Table 11 Results of behaviour and environment diagnosis and educational diagnosis in FGDs

From: Community health needs assessment with precede-proceed model: a mixed methods study

Factors Results Quotation
Behavior and environment diagnosis Only female participants emphasized the unhealthy lifestyle everywhere in the community, associated CVDS with that unhealthy lifestyle "Yes, I agreed with them, I know that hypertension, cardiovascular diseases are very common around me, I think those people have unhealthy lifestyle, for example, they sleep just after eating, and they seldom participated any physical activities".
"I often see the children taking the junk food, therefore those children become obese, and I worried their health very much..."
The minority described some risk factors and preventive measures. The majority didn't know how to behaviour healthily and perceived a need for health information guidance about diet
Young male employed residents identified no need for health education
"We don't know how to eat and how to behave, we often play Majiang with friends, otherwise we don't know what to do for fun."
"For the elderly, if you can give some information about the common diseases like hypertension and CVDs, this would be helpful...."
"I think healthy lifestyle should be cultivated from childhood. It is very important. Now you can see many young obese children. So I think you should tell us how to have a healthy lifestyle. This knowledge should be in a textbook for children and there should be school health education."
"We are healthy, we rarely get a cold. We don't know what health needs we have, we don't worry about this"
Poor accessibility to health knowledge
Less attention to health promotion from leaders in work places and primary schools
"Sometimes, there is some health education, but it is provided by a company. They usually give some information about some diseases, and then they introduce their products and persuade you to buy them. It's just a way for them to advertise their products. So we don't like this so-called health education."
"We are busy in the workplace during the day, so it is difficult for us to participate in health education in the community. So it is better to hold health education in the workplace. The policy says this, but our leader pays no attention to health education."
"...I hope the school teachers spend some time teaching about healthy lifestyle, but it seems that they never consider this."
Reinforcing factors Local people like playing Majiang, it is part of the local culture "In Chongqing, you can see Majiang pubs everywhere; playing Majiang is a one way to have fun, all of our friends like it."