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Table 1 Source use during EBM practice by occupational physicians (N = 36).

From: Do knowledge infrastructure facilities support Evidence-Based Practice in occupational health? An exploratory study across countries among occupational physicians enrolled on Evidence-Based Medicine courses

  Mean score (SD)
Number of journal articles looked at or read thoroughly last monthto solve a case 3.9 (6.4)
Number of hours spent reading professional literature last month to solve a case 5.6 (7.8)
Proportion (%) of the articles read  
   Read thoroughly 20%
   Skimmed 25%
   Read abstract only 45%
Types of source used often or very often by OPs (%) to solve a case  
International journals: review articles 41.6%
   International journals: original research reports 22.3%
   National journals 25.0%
   Textbooks 50.0%
   Internet resources/computer databases 69.4%
   Guidelines 58.3%
   The Cochrane Library 16.7%
   Colleagues 63.9%