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Table 6 Early Discharge service (EDS) quality indicators

From: Introducing the national COPD resources and outcomes project

INDICATOR 'Met in Full'
There are clear written criteria for acceptance on to the early discharge scheme. 96% 55/57
The scheme is run by individuals who are capable of working proactively and independently and includes those specifically trained in respiratory medicine 93% 54/58
There is a named clinician responsible for the service 95% 55/58
There are clear written protocols of care for the management of patients under the scheme. 91% 53/58
Patients accepted for early discharge are entered onto a pulmonary rehabilitation programme: patients not accepted onto the scheme still receive a package of smoking cessation/educational support. 46% 26/57
All patients and their carers receive information about the early discharge scheme that describes what it is, and the support that is available well in advance of them needing the service. 60% 35/58
The early discharge scheme has good lines of communication to manage patient care together with their GP. 95% 55/58
The early discharge scheme runs according to the needs of the local populations. 80% 45/56
There is continuous data collection along with both prospective and annual audits of the service to monitor its effectiveness. 74% 43/58
  1. Percentage of the 59 NCROP sites providing EDS in 2007 that said they 'met in full' these indicators (denominator = number of hospitals returning data)