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Table 1 The Dutch health insurance system after the insurance reform of 1 January 2006

From: Dutch healthcare reform: did it result in performance improvement of health plans? A comparison of consumer experiences over time

Health insurance law Introduced on 1 January 2006
  Abolition of distinction between private and public insurance
  Insurance under private law with public limiting conditions
  Obligation for every citizen to take out health insurance in form of basic package
  Risk adjustment
Insurance policy Free choice between health plans during annual open enrolment periods
  Basic insurance package which is identical for everybody and health plans are obliged to accept everybody against the same premium and conditions
  Choice between in-kind and restitution policy
  Health plans have the possibility to contract health care selectively
  Possibility for citizens to take out an complementary insurance. Health plans are not obliged to accept everybody
  Choice of deductible (minimum €100, max. €500); from 2008 obligatory deductible of at least €155
  No-claim reimbursement of up to 255 Euros; abolished in 2008
  Collectives (via work or other) get premium reduction up to 10%