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Table 1 Picker's 45-item inpatient questionnaire

From: Online assessment of patients' views on hospital performances using Rasch model's KIDMAP diagram

Admission to hospital
Category & Items
1 Was your hospital stay planned in advance or an emergency?
2 How organized was the care you received in A & E (or the admissions unit)?
3 Following arrival at the hospital, how long did you wait before admission to a room or ward and bed?
4 How do you feel about the length of time you were on the waiting list before your admission to hospital?
5 Were you given enough notice of your date of admission?
6 Were you given a choice of admission dates?
7 Was your admission date changed by the hospital?
8 Were you given a choice about which hospital you were admitted to?
9 You feel wait a long time to get to a bed on a ward?
The Hospital and Ward
10 During your stay in hospital, did you ever share a room or bay with patients of the opposite sex?
11 Ever bothered by noise at night from other patients?
12 Bothered by noise at night form hospital staff?
13 How clean was the hospital room or ward?
14 How clean were the toilets and bathrooms?
15 How would you rate the hospital food?
16 Did you get answers that you could understand form a doctor?
17 Having confidence and trust in the doctors treating you?
18 Doctors talked in front of you as if you weren't there?
19 You get answers that you could understand from a nurse?
20 You had confidence and trust in the nurses treating you?
21 Nurses talked in front of you as if you weren't there?
22 Were there enough nurses on duty to care for you in hospital?
23 Staff saying one thing and another quite different happened to you?
24 Were you involved to be in decisions about your care and treatment?
25 How much information about condition or treatment was given to you?
26 Your family talk to a doctor had enough opportunity to do so?
27 Hospital staffs talk about your worries and fears?
28 Given enough privacy when discussing your condition or treatment?
27 Did you find someone on the hospital staff to talk to about your worries and fears?
30 How long after using call button before you got the help you needed?
29 Were you given enough privacy when being examined or treated?
32 Were your scheduled tests, x-rays or scans performed on time?
33 Were you ever in any pain?
34 Hospital staff did everything the could to help you control your pain?
Leaving Hospital
35 On the day you left hospital, was your discharge delayed for any reason?
36 What was the main reason for the delay?
37 How long was the delay?
38 Staff explained the purpose of the medicines you could understand?
39 Staff told you about any medication side effects to watch when going home?
40 Staff told you about any danger signals you should watch for after going home?
41 Doctors or nurses gave your family all the information they needed to help you?
42 Staff told you how to contact if worries happened after leaving?
43 Overall, did you feel you were treated with respect and dignity while you were in hospital?
44 How would you rate well the doctors and nurses worked together?
45 Overall, how would you rate the care you received?