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Table 1 Categorization of hospital physicians' activities

From: Participant observation of time allocation, direct patient contact and simultaneous activities in hospital physicians

Direct patient contact  
Name of Category Activity
Patient Communication 1 Patient Communication (regularly, scheduled, ward round)
  2 Patient Communication (irregular, due to patient interruption)
Diagnostics 3 Diagnostic I: physical examination of the patient
  4 Diagnostic II: blood withdrawal
  5 Diagnostic III: machine aided examinations in functional departments
Therapy 6 Therapy I: Drug treatment
  7 Therapy II: Physical – non invasive – treatment
  8 Therapy III: Invasive treatment
  9 Therapy IV: Mixed emergency treatments
  10 Therapy V: Surveillance of patients in critical conditions and situations
Consultancy 11 Consultancy service for other departments
  12 Examinations for medical opinions
Indirect patient contact  
Documentation 13 Documentation/Charting
  14 Activity documentation (DRG Coding)
Conversation with staff 15 Conversation with colleagues (patient related)
  16 Conversation with nursing staff
  17 Conversation with assistance personnel
  19 Telephone conversation
Conversation others 18 Conversation with relatives
  20 Conversation with Others
Organizing 21 Organization/Work Flow
  22 Transfer/Walking times
  23 Arranging and ordering things
Meetings 24 Regular meetings with nursing staff
  25 Regular meetings with senior and head physician
  26 Clinic conference
  27 Interdisciplinary conferences
  28 Reviews of findings in the department
  29 On call in the hospital
Other professional activities 30 Teaching/Instruction
  31 Supervision of/by colleagues
  32 Research
  33 Training/education
  34 Reading (Training purpose)
Personal activities 35 Personal time/Regular Breaks
  36 Resting/Sleeping
  1. Note: Definition of activities is not provided.