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Table 4 Interview themes for ethical evaluation

From: Improving patient adherence to lifestyle advice (IMPALA): a cluster-randomised controlled trial on the implementation of a nurse-led intervention for cardiovascular risk management in primary care (protocol)

1. Expectations before the consultations about: the role of the patient (e.g. active/passive);
  the role of the practice nurse (e.g. guiding, informative, clarifying, reflecting);
  the gain from the consultations (e.g. information, becoming aware, getting attention, reflection and a motivated decision, guiding towards a decision).
2. Experiences with the consultations Understanding the situation.
     What had the patient picked up from the consultations?
     What was the role of the tools in this understanding?
  How was the patient involved in the consultations?
     Active participation in the discussion.
     Personal involvement in the topic.
     Contribution to the decisions that were made.
  How did the nurse approach the patient (e.g. attentive, open to the patient's opinion, steering, informative, giving his/her own view)?
  What was the impact of the consultation
     for the patient's personal life and well-being;
     as regards clear decisions, goals and a plan?
  The tools of the intervention
     What did the tools mean to the patient?
     Was anything missing from the consultations?
3. Preferences for future consultations: about the patient's role;
  about role of the practice nurse;
  about the significance of the consultation. When is a consultation successful?