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Table 2 Discriminant Validity of Constructs

From: An assessment of technology-based service encounters & network security on the e-health care systems of medical centers in Taiwan

Technology-based Service Encounters    
Factors/ E-workflow (the Online Appointment System Service)
E-facility (the Electronic Medical Record) 31.07
Service Quality    
Factors/ Reliability Credibility Customization
Credibility 171.13   
Customization 193.61 176.45  
Convenience 212.23 237.61 252.93
Network Security    
Factors/ Confidentiality Integrity Certification
Integrity 138.15   
Certification 65.24 78.17  
Non-repudiation 71.31 75.32 62.54
  1. Note. The Δχ2 value between every two factors is > 3.84 in every construct.