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Table 8 Least satisfactory aspects (n = 46)*

From: Survey of patient satisfaction with the Breastfeeding Education and Support Services of The Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne

Items No. of clients
Location hard to find/far from residence 2
Long waiting period for day-stay appointment 1
Entrance not welcoming 1
Lack of privacy 3
Run down and limitation on facilities/premises 2
Commented on food choices 2
Small premises 1
Technical performance of staff  
Non-helpful advice/information 6
Service quality decreases with subsequent visits 2
Staff weren't gentle in handling the baby 2
Lack diagnosis 1
Secondary problem not acknowledged 1
Query about staff qualifications 1
Lack of follow up phone calls 1
Lack of advice 1
Too much advice 1
Not enough help for low milk supply 1
Communication with staff  
Lack of staff/individual attention 5
Change of attending staff 3
Mother's feelings were disregarded 2
Insufficient time in day-stay appointment 2
Pushy advice 2
Limited consultation times (for outpatient consultations) 1
Staff weren't attentive to problem 1
Service inequality 1
Interpersonal relationship  
Staff were patronizing 1
Lack encouragement 1
  1. *Clients could comment on more than one aspect of the visit(s)