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Table 2 Instruments and constructs included in the convergent and discriminant analysis

From: Prioritisation of patients on waiting lists for hip and knee arthroplasties and cataract surgery: Instruments validation

  Surgical priority instruments
  Hip/Knee arthroplasty Cataract surgery
Instruments Convergent Discriminant Convergent Discriminant
Doctors' opinions (VAS) Yes No Yes No
Patients' perceptions on difficulty Yes No Yes No
WOMAC Yes No No No
VF-14 No No Yes No
HUI31 -Overall score
-Pain, Ambulation
Vision, Emotion, Dexterity, Hearing, Cognition -Overall score
-Vision, Ambulation
Pain, Emotion, Anxiety/depression, Dexterity, Hearing, Cognition
EQ-5D -Overall score
-Pain, Daily activities, Mobility, Self-care
Anxiety/depression -Overall score
-Daily activities, Mobility
Pain, Anxiety/Depression, Self-care
  1. VAS: visual analogue scale; WOMAC: Western Ontario McMaster Osteoarthritis Index; VF-14: Visual Function Index VF-14; HUI3: Health Utilities Index Mark 3.
  2. 1 The speech dimension was not included in the analysis as none of the patients had difficulty with it.