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Table 1 The Dutch health insurance system after the insurance reform of 1 January 2006

From: The Dutch health insurance reform: switching between insurers, a comparison between the general population and the chronically ill and disabled

Health care insurance law • Introduced on 1 January 2006
  • Abolition of distinction between private and public insurance
  • Insurance under private law with public limiting conditions
  • Obligation for every citizen to take health insurance
  • Risk adjustment
Insurance policy • Free choice between insurance organisations
  • Basic package (identical for everybody)
  • Choice between in-kind and restitution policy
  • Additional insurance (no obligation to accept, not necessarily with same insurer as basic package)
  • Choice of deductible (min. €100, max. €500)
  • No-claim premium restitution
  • Collectives (via work or other) get premium reduction up to 10%