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Table 1 Pharmacological substances included in the selected therapeutic groups and their substitution status.

From: Influence of mandatory generic substitution on pharmaceutical sales patterns: a national study over five years

Long-term treatments
Therapeutic group ATC-code Substance Substitutable Substitutable since*
ACE-inhibitors C09AA Captopril Yes 1 October 2002
   Enalapril Yes 1 October 2002
   Lisinopril Yes 1 October 2002
   Ramipril Yes 1 October 2002
   Quinapril No  
   Cilazapril No  
   Fosinopril No  
   Trandolapril No  
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, SSRI N06AB Fluoxetine Yes 1 October 2002
   Paroxetine Yes 1 October 2002
   Citalopram Yes 1 October 2002
   Sertraline No  
   Fluvoxamine No  
   Escitalopram No  
HMG CoA-reductase inhibitors, statins C10AA Fluvastatin Yes 5 February 2003
   Simvastatin Yes 28 March 2003
   Pravastatin No  
   Atorvastatin No  
   Rosuvastatin No  
Short-term treatments
Nucleosides and nucleotides J05AB Aciclovir Yes 1 October 2002
   Ganciclovir No  
   Famciclovir No  
   Valaciclovir No  
   Valganciclovir No  
Both short- and long-term treatments
Proton Pump Inhibitors, PPI A10BC Omeprazole Yes 28 March 2003
   Lansoprazole No  
   Pantoprazole No  
   Esomeprazole No  
   Rabeprazole No  
  1. * The date when the substance became substitutable according to the Swedish Medical Products Agency given for substitutable substances.