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Table 4 Representative quotes: means of communication

From: Professional centred shared decision making: Patient decision aids in practicein primary care

4:1 I very rarely get into detailed figures about risk and I think that to some extent they are, I mean part of that is philosophical, they are slightly spurious in the sense that they give this objectivity to it which just isn't there. (GP2 – Male – FG2)
4:2 I much prefer to have a figure to grapple with. (GP3 – Male – FG2)
4:3 We never discussed it [SDM] I don't think particularly. I would expect that everybody would be following the GMC guidelines: you know communication with patients. (GP1 – Male – FG1)
4:4 I think the culture here has been around patient centredness, as you know, a theory and an ideal. (GP2 – Male – FG2)