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Table 3 Representative quotes FG2: decision making complexities in patient-centred SDM

From: Professional centred shared decision making: Patient decision aids in practicein primary care

3:1 It's difficult to achieve equality but real genuine shared decision making is trying to do it from a position of equal basis, not necessarily equal knowledge but equal weight from both sides into making the decision and I think it's a bit of a challenge but very important. (GP2 – Female)
3:2 ...sometimes it is quite clear ... they want you to make the decision on their behalf... it's a very complicated part about decision making. (GP2 – Female)
3:3 You may be motivated to share the decision and either you don't have access to the information which would populate the decision boxes or there is no information about relative risk, benefit and all the rest... [it's] shared guess work. (GP3 – Male)
3:4 Its very tricky with indecisive people. (GP1 – Female)
3:5 Its actually very difficult for us to move back from the role of being the person who's really got the agenda, knows what should, or we feel should be done and not actually to sort of push the decision. (GP2 – Female)
3:6 I just heard yesterday he's had a stroke...a little bit of me thinks I should have been more know we came to a shared decision that it was appropriate not to have the medication. (GP2 – Female)
3:7 I think our relationship has changed you know this generation we don't like to tell people what to do. (GP1 – Male)
3:8 I think we do, can collude with patients quite a lot. (GP1 – Male)
3:9 I often find it easier to be involved in real shared decision making where I don't feel strongly either way. (GP1 – Female)