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Table 3 Summary of factors, domains, & themes contributing to program attrition (N = 97).

From: Factors contributing to attrition behavior in diabetes self-management programs: A mixed method approach

Factors Domains Major themes and their dimensions
Enabling Availability of support Formal support
      Conflict with centre's hours of operation
      Lack of an effective appointment reminder system
      Proximity to the centre
      Difficulties in locating the centre
      Regular physician visits
   Informal support
      Dependent on family assistance
      Family responsibilities
  Familiarity with resources Diabetes education centre and its services
      Familiarity with DEC services
Predisposing Self-efficacy Diabetes self-management
      Sufficient amount of information
      Adherent to self-management activities
      Non-adherent to self-management activities
  Attitudes Diabetes education
      Level of priority
  Co-morbidity Competing health conditions
Need Perceived/evaluated Disease severity
      Patient judgment of severity
      Physician judgment of severity