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Table 1 Characteristics of organisations participating in the implementation of nursing guidelines

From: Insights about the process and impact of implementing nursing guidelines on delivery of care in hospitals and community settings

  Best Practice Guidelines
Organisational Characteristics Asthma Breastfeeding Delirium, Dementia, Depression Diabetes Foot Care Smoking Cessation Venous Leg Ulcers
Type and Number of Hospitals Community (1) Teaching (1) Teaching (3) Community (1) Teaching Mental Health (1) Community Chronic Care (1)
Units Emergency, Urgent care, Medicine Labour & Delivery, Post-partum Surgery, Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine In-patients, clinics Long-term care
Community Nursing   Regional Public Health Unit (1)   Home visiting (1)   Home visiting (1) Wound clinics (3)
Number of Clinical Resource Nurses (CRN's) 2 part-time 1 full-time 1 full-time manager as CRN, 7 APNs† 2 part-time 1 full-time manager as CRN, 7 APN's† 1 full-time
Number of nurses educated 200 68 211 179 67 65
  1. † APN's or Advanced Practice Nurses