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Table 1 Outcomes and component indicators investigated in interviews

From: Exposing the key functions of a complex intervention for shared care in mental health: case study of a process evaluation

Placement or allocation of a link worker for the practice
   Allocation prior to trial
   Allocation prior to first meeting with practice
   Allocation following initial meetings
Integration of the link worker into the team
   Joint work on systems
   Development of trust in link workers' activity
   Discussion of clinical cases
- in meetings
- one to one
- reviewed from register
- reactively as problems arose
Development of a disease register for LTMI
   Paper based register
   Register based on coded diagnoses on practice computer system
Development of a database of key information about each patient with LTMI
   Use of externally developed data set
   In house development of clinical IT system to collect data
   Use of paper based recording sheet for key data
Improvements in physical health care provision
   Recall of patients for physical health checks
Improvements in proactive mental health care provision
   For patients with psychosis
   For patients with other long-term conditions
Improvements in reactive mental health care provision
   For those under specialist care
For those under primary care only