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Table 1 Characteristics of Residents and Care Homes

From: In-reach specialist nursing teams for residential care homes: uptake of services, impact on care provision and cost-effectiveness

Descriptor Characteristics of Study Homes
Resident demographics:  
Total number of residents 131 (100%)
Male residents 37 (28%)
Female residents 94 (72%)
Resident age: Mean (range) 87 (71–104 years)
Male resident age: Mean (range) 87 (71–98 years)
Female resident age: Mean (range) 87 (74–104 years)
Resident dependency levels:  
RNCC banding1: Low: medium: high 56% (L); 44% (M); 0% (H)
Mean Barthel score2 (range) 71.4 (18–95)
Care home characteristics  
Number of IRT beds 15
Number of care home staff3 70
Number of staff designated as IRT new role carer support staff (NVQ3 level) 20
  1. 1'RNCC. Medium banding = multiple care needs; will require intervention of registered nurse on at least a daily basis; may need access to a nurse at any time; condition stable and predictable, and likely to remain so if treatment and care regimes continue. Low banding = care needs can be met with minimal RN input in setting such as residential care home, with support from district nurse.
  2. 2 Barthel: Scores range from 0 to 100. Higher score = more independent.
  3. 3 At beginning of project 2006, excludes managers and domestic staff.