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Table 8 The STORM training package

From: Dissemination and implementation of suicide prevention training in one Scottish region

There are four modules: • Assessment
  • Crisis management
  • Problem-solving
  • Crisis prevention
  Each module is flexible, and if necessary can be delivered in 2 hours
Educational methods used in each training session: 1. Brief lectures on background knowledge and the skills to be acquired and rehearsed
  2. Focused group discussion
  3. Video demonstration of skills by health care professionals
  4. Role-play (rehearsal of skills) in trios (professional-client-observer) and pairs (professional-client) using pre-prepared role-play scripts to facilitate the practice of specific microskills
  5. Video-feedback in small group setting of recorded role-played interviews carried out by course participants
  6. Discussion to consolidate learning; specifically the translation of skills learned into practice
The material can be modified in content for: • Primary care teams
  • Mental health care staff
  • Accident and emergency staff