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Table 2 Semi-structured interview questions

From: Dissemination and implementation of suicide prevention training in one Scottish region

Participants Interview questions
STORM training facilitators: 1. What challenges, positive and negative, did you face whilst delivering training?
  2. What challenges, positive and negative, did you face whilst organising the training – logistical, staffing and/or managerial issues?
  3. Do you or the organisation have any concerns or issues with the delivery and/or translation of STORM?
  4. Have you or the organisation employed any strategies to help implement STORM and/or do you feel that there is a need for any strategies?
  5. How do you feel STORM was received generally (into practice, policy and culture)?
  6. What changes, if any, have been made as a direct consequence of STORM?
STORM training participants: 1. Tell me about your everyday working environment.
  2. Can you tell me your views on whether suicide can be prevented by the actions of others?
  3. What were your colleagues and managers attitudes toward you receiving STORM training?
  4. How did your personal attitude toward suicide change as a result of the STORM training?
  5. What training have you had in the past in assessing and managing suicide risk?
  - Which of the 4 STORM training modules did you receive?
  6. How has attending STORM training affected your everyday work?
  - Can you think of a specific case where you acted differently as a result of the STORM training? If so, in what way? What would you have done before?
  7. Are there any circumstances involving a suicidal patient where you think that you would act differently after having received the training?
  8. Has it been difficult to put elements of the course into practice? How? Why do you think that has happened?
  9. What was most (and least) about the training course?
  10. Whom were you trained alongside? How did you find that?
  11. How do you think STORM training could be improved (explore content and format issues)?
  12. Which professional groups do you think such training should be offered to?