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Table 3 The organized care indicators set

From: A cluster randomized trial to assess the impact of clinical pathways for patients with stroke: rationale and design of the Clinical Pathways for Effective and Appropriate Care Study [NCT00673491]

Indicator Measure Criterion met/expected change Source, Year
Use of organized care OCI Differences in rates Saposnik G, 2007
Admission to stroke unit (%) 100% NHS QIS (CSBS 2002) Clinical Standards, 2004; CHD/Stroke Task Force Report, 2001; SIGN 13, 1997; SIGN 64, 2002
Stay in stroke unit within 24 hours after admission and until the end of in-hospital rehabilitation (%) 70%  
Use of case managers (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses specialized in stroke care) (%) Given to all the patients RCP IWP/S, 2000; SIGN 64, 2002
Use of stroke team (%) Given to all the patients CHD/Stroke Task Force, 2001; SIGN 64, 2002
Assessment for rehabilitation needs by a member of the stroke team within 48 hours after admission (%) Given to all the patients Brown M, 2000
Patients' needs assessment and planning rate for post-discharge services (%) Given to all the patients RCPE, Consensus Panel, Nov 2000; NHS QIS Clinical Standards, 2004
Follow-up rate within 3 months after discharge (by specialist/stroke team) (%) Given to all the patients