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Table 1 The outcome indicators set

From: A cluster randomized trial to assess the impact of clinical pathways for patients with stroke: rationale and design of the Clinical Pathways for Effective and Appropriate Care Study [NCT00673491]

Indicator Measure Criterion met/expected change Source, Year
In-hospital death rate within 30 days from admission to hospital (%) Differences in rates Clinical Outcome Working Group, 1995, 1997; NHS Centre for Coding and Classification, 1990
In-hospital death rate within 30 days from stroke attack (%) Differences in rates  
Post-discharge death rates (1, 3, 6, 12 months after discharge) (%) Differences in rates  
In-patients length of stay Days Differences in means Schmidt WP, 2003
Within 9 days length of stay in hospital patients' rate (%) Differences in rates  
Pressure ulcers incidence rate (%) 0% Clark M, 1991; Effective Health Care, 1995
Overall in-hospital complications rate (%) 4% Adams HP Jr, 2003
Overall post-discharge complications rate (%) Differences in rates  
Dependency at discharge FIM scale Differences in means Gompertz P, 1993 Wade DT, 1987
Dependency at 6 months after stroke FIM scale Differences in means Hardwood RH, 1994
Institutionalization at discharge (%) Differences in rates Nikolaus T, 2000 Kalra L, 1995
In-hospital re-admission rate (within 30 days from discharge) (%) Differences in rates Ebrahim S, 1987 Milne R, 1990
Return to pre-stroke functioning in daily life rate (with ADL/case mix adjustment) (%) Differences in rates Early Supported Discharge Trialists (Cochrane 2005, Issue 2)