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Table 2 Details of scoring guidelines for three items from the Modified Barthel Index [44]

From: "It's hard to tell": The challenges of scoring patients on standardised outcome measures by multidisciplinary teams: a case study of neurorehabilitation

Score Guideline
Transfers (usually scored by the physiotherapists)
0 Unable to participate in a transfer. Two attendants are required with/without mechanical device.
3 Able to participate but maximum assistance of one other person is required in all aspects of the transfer.
8 The transfer requires the assistance of one other person in any aspect of transfer
12 The presence of another person is required, either as a confidence measure or to provide supervision for safety
15 The person can safely approach the bed/chair in a wheelchair, lock the brakes, left the footrests, move safely to bed, lie down, come to a sitting position on the side of the bed, change the position of the wheelchair, transfer back to it safely. The patient must be independent in all phases of this activity. Patient can come to a standing position if walking is the mode of locomotion. If walking, patient approaches, sits down, gets to a standing position from a regular chair, transfers from bed to chair, performs task safely.
Feeding (usually scored by the nurses)
0 Dependent in all aspects and needs to be fed.
2 Can manipulate an eating device, usually a spoon, but someone must provide active assistance during the meal.
5 Able to feed self with supervision. Assistance is required with associated tasks, such as putting milk/sugar into tea, salt, pepper, spreading butter, turning a plate or other 'set up' activities.
8 Independence in feeding with prepared tray, except may need meat cutting, milk opening, jar lid opening etc. Presence of another person is not required.
10 The patient can feed self from a tray or table when someone puts the food within reach. The patient must put on an assistive device if needed, cut the food and if desired, use salt and pepper, spread butter etc.
Dressing (usually scored by the occupational therapist)
0 The patient is dependent in all aspect of dressing and is unable to participate in the activity.
2 The patient is able to participate to some degree but is dependent in all aspects of dressing.
5 Assistance is needed in putting on and/or removing any clothing
8 Only minimal assistance is required with fastening clothing, such as buttons, zips, bra, shoes etc.
10 The patient should be able to put on/remove/fasten clothing, tie shoelaces, or put on/fasten/remove corset, braces, as prescribed.