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Table 1 QI description

From: How to limit the burden of data collection for Quality Indicators based on medical records? The COMPAQH experience

QI Description
Medical record conformity Composite score describing compliance with 10 items: presence of surgical report, delivery report, anaesthetic record, transfusion record, outpatient prescription, outpatient record, admission documents, care and medical conclusions at admission, drug prescriptions during stay, and overall organisation of record
Traceability of pain assessment Proportion of records containing at least one pain assessment result (Number of records containing at least one result/N)
Screening for nutritional disorders Proportion of records giving body weight at admission (Number of records giving weight at admission/N)
Time elapsed before sending discharge letters Proportion of records containing a letter sent within 8 days (Number of records containing a letter/N)
  1. N = total number of records audited